Of course, every cloud does have a silver lining. As a result of all the destruction, 300,000+ Buffalonians were left without power (T and I lucked out). Amongst the unfortunate were both Aziza and Sameena, sharing an apartment in near UB’s North Campus in Amherst. As their apartment has an uncanny ability to remain 5-10 degrees below the outside temperature, and National Grid estimates full power won’t be restored until as late as Wednesday of next week, it was fixing to be a pretty miserable experience for them. Through the incredible generosity of T and I’s neighbors, we were able to shovel out her car from the snow 3 times as it got stuck trying to pull out of our driveway, put it back into it’s parking space, and take one of their SUV’s to go pick Tahera’s sisters up. Welcome houseguests! Posted by Picasa


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