The Big Comfy Couch

The family room couch arrived today and it was painless.
The ordeal surrounding our living room furniture still haunts me. It’s beautiful. Riz and I took great care (after missing our flight to Barbados) picking out the perfect fabric combinations for the perfect frames. It’s sophisticated without seeming uptight. It’s both masculine and feminine. It’s timeless. Most importantly, it doesn’t look like a furniture show room. I hate that. After lots of money, several shipment goof-ups (two right sides) and seven months, the couches were delivered. They were damaged. By the time everything was resolved it was the end of month 8.
The couch buying experience for the family room was nothing like that. We ordered it on a Tuesday. It was in our house exactly 3 weeks later. The color and fabric is just what we requested; a velvety chocolate. It’s a big, comfy, everything a family room couch should be, couch and it makes me giddy. I’ve been inspired by this picture I saw at Restoration Hardware and can’t wait to get started on the rest of the room. Saving money stinks. Talk about champagne taste on a peanut butter budget.

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