Anniversary Marathon

Today is day 1 in a series of wedding anniversaries; all mine. On July 19, 2003 Riz and I were married in front of 200+guests. On July 21st we held an intimate celebration with 50 of our closest family and friends. The next morning, nearly delirious from exhaustion, we were officially married with our two witnesses looking on. The JP insisted on making the occasion memorable with a speech. Having heard the “for life” speech twice already, we just wanted the signature. Riz was sporting his tuxedo pants from the night before and a fisherman’s hat. I hadn’t brushed my hair. She probably thought we were wasted, but she married us anyway.A lot of couples think that their wedding day was the most perfect. On paper, ours wasn’t. Wedding Day 1 was clear and sunny.

Then came the storm

which wrinkled the dress

and upset the hair

and put us in a state of emergency.

But after the storm, there was sun again.
The hair had been reconstructed. The dress had been steamed.

We laughed

and cried equally.

We ate cake

and ice cream

…..lots of ice cream.

We were entertained by the finest of performers.

And surrounded by the people we love the most.

We became Mr. and Mrs.
Perfect it wasn’t and I wouldn’t change a thing. It was the most memorable beginning of the perfect marriage.
Happy Anniversary, Pika.

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