How is this Possible?!

I don't know about you guys, but the cost of fuel is a perennial concern over here at chez Parvez. With 2 midsize sedans turning up economy numbers in the low to mid 20s for city driving, the costs can really add up. Kudos go to T for finding a kickass way to ease that cost: Giant Eagle Fuel Perks!
For every $50 we spend at the grocery store they deduct $0.10/gallon from the price of fuel at one of their gas stations. All you do is scan your shopper's club card at the pump and it applies the discount. Discounts can accumulate up to 3 months, so the savings really add up. We spend ~$70 a week on groceries, so over 3 months that's $1.40 off of each gallon. Plus, the grocery store has "double points" on gift cards for places like Home Depot and Target, so the savings can actually go much higher. This was our first time using it after ~2.5 months, so it was really big. This much gas would've cost me almost $45.00 anywhere else. Needless to say I literally danced a jig standing next to the pump.

Good find, Pika!


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