This End Up

Last night we attended our first baby class, or, as Riz likes to say, the “this end up” class. It’s a good thing we don’t work together. We’d both be pink slipped.

It was just like being back in school. We had busy work before the class began, introductions, group presentations, and videos that ended just as you found a good napping position. We made the 3+ hours bearable by creating our own entertainment.

We laughed at the worksheet that asked us to ‘circle all the dangers’ in the nursery. Did anyone find the smoldering ashtray placed next to the unattended baby teetering on the end of a table?

We laughed out loud during the breast feeding presentation. It was totally Rizwan’s fault for referencing Meet the Parents. I had no idea you could milk a cat, Focker.

We laughed again when Riz placed our “baby” in a back bend position to get his shirt on. We’re horrible.

The class wasn’t a total wash. I did learn a few things and it was good to have reaffirmed what I already knew. We left feeling pretty confident. I think we’ll rock this baby thing.


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