It’s Time!!!

Greetings, and good morning from Magee Women’s Hospital! It’s April 23rd at 12:30 am, and I am sitting bedside in the Labor and Delivery Wing, awaiting the imminent arrival of our son, [insert name here].

Monday morning Tahera began to have infrequent mild contractions, which steadily progressed throughout the day. By very early Tuesday morning we were both up and her contractions were happening every ~10-15 minutes. We both suspected that a certain someone’s birthday was going to be very soon, so I took paternity leave and accompanied T to her scheduled OB appointment. By that time, we were up to roughly every 8-10 minutes, and they were noticably stronger. The doctor noted that it could be any time, but it was also possible that she could continue this way for another week.

Well, as anyone who knows Tahera will attest she’s pretty big on sticking to schedule. No more than 3 hours after her appointment, her contractions had progressed to under every 5 minutes, and we headed off to the hospital!

So far things have been progressing quite steadily. It was a pretty uncomfortable for T until she got her epidural, but since then, smooth sailing (she even let me take that picture!). Immediate family have all been contacted, and we’re expecting the Parvez and Ejaz clans to descend upon Western PA starting tomorrow AM.

She’s still got a little ways to go, but we’re expecting him to be along any hour now. (for you doctor-types, she’s +1, 8cm, 100%)

Thanks for checking in, and stay tuned for more updates!


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