My Summer Vacation

I never considered our hometown Horseheads, NY to be a vacation destination. I was exclusively the lay on the beach all day with a frozen drink and good book kind of vacationer. That has now changed. Last week we traveled to our hometown to spend a week with the grandparents. Horseheads is now also my kind of vacation. With so many hands anxious to hold and rock the little guy all day every day, it was hard to leave.
Here are some pics from our trip:

Manu in his carseat on the way to Horseheads with his ‘where do you think you’re taking me?’ face

After bath time

Grilling with the family

Manu observes skeptically as dad straps him in for his first stroller ride.

He loved the walk.

Mom and Dad on our first evening out alone.

Here’s Manu before lunch at the Corning Country Club with Grandman and Grandpa Parvez . He ponders if he should have a melt down in the car on the way there or wait until his parents started to eat.

Miraculously, he did neither.

We’ll be back again soon!


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