Manu’s Mamu

Pittsburgh is a city in the middle of nothing. This is a fact we noticed when we moved here a little over a year ago, however, it didn’t seem like that large an issue until Manu was born. Babies have a great way of bringing people, especially families, together. Trouble is, we’re so far away from Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunts and Uncles that visiting is an such an elaborate ordeal for everyone. Bottom line: we don’t see our families nearly as much as we’d like. That stinks. So we were thrilled when Manu’s Mamu (urdu for your mother’s brother) was able to come down for a few days before heading back to med school for the year.

They hit it off immediately. Faheem is a natural with little ones.

Manu was ecstatic to have a new face to to play with.

Tummy time so much better this way!

We begged him not to leave but turns out this school thing is pretty important. It’ll be a couple months before we see each other again.

Good times are over, kid. You’re going to be stuck with seeing this face for awhile.

Miss you, Fuma! See you in New York this fall!

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