The Clutter I Love

I love uncluttering my life. While I like having “things”, I hate storing things that go unused. You don’t need 4 can openers before you get to the one you actually use. And if you think you may find a perfect spot for that lamp someday, it’s time to toss it. If that day comes, buy a new lamp. Getting rid of stuff gives me a natural high….most of the time.

Manu turned 3 months old last week and it’s time to unclutter his closet. The 0-3 month clothes simply no longer fit, but I cannot bring myself to pack them and put them away.

Wasn’t it just a moment ago when his was swimming in every article of clothing we had?

Not to say that I’m not excited about this next chapter; I really am. He’s full of sparkle these days. He smiles constantly, is discovering his voice, and kicks squeals with delight when you read to him. I try not to think about these days also passing as quickly as the first 3 months.

I don’t want him to stay a newborn forever…but I do. I’ve decided to keep my memories pinned to a wall. It’s the best I can do.
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