Ok, time to play the catch up game in a big way. Yes, I’ve missed a whole month of posts. How much longer can I blame it on a new baby? At least until he turns 1, I figure. The baby and the holidays. That’s my excuse. In April I’ll have to think of something else.

I love the holiday season for many reasons, but mostly because everyone makes an extra effort to get together. I only see my Connecticut family once a year, so visiting them is always a treat. This year was extra special because it was also an opportunity for everyone to meet the baby for the first time. Riz had to work, so Manu and his brave Mom drove from Jersey to Connecticut the Sunday before Thanksgiving (I’ll explain why we were in Jersey in my next post). We spent several days visiting with family.

My Mom also joined us which was really sweet. She wasn’t planning on coming until Thanksgiving, but was able to clear her schedule and arrive a couple of days earlier. I hope she doesn’t regret it. Manu kept us up night after night while in Connecticut. My lamb who is currently sleeps from 6pm-10pm and from 10pm to 6am was waking every 2 hours and was absolutely inconsolable. I still can’t figure out why but it was bad news. Sorry, Mom! Here are Grandma and Manu at my Aunt Phyllis’ new and absolutely gorgeous home in Farmington. When I grow up, I’m going to live in Farmington. With its tree-lined streets, quaint storefronts, and all its New England-ness, it’s right up my alley.

Here’s Manu with my cousin, Erum. Some people are just “baby people”. My siblings; all baby people. Me, not so much. I like babies well enough. Of course I’m head-over-heel in-love with my own and I do have more interest in babies since Manu’s been born. But I’m never overcome with the desire to cuddle other people’s babies for hours on end. I kinda just like to rock them a bit, sniff their baby head, kiss their cheek, and then return them to their parents. My cousin Erum on the other hand awoke one morning, ran downstairs to the living room where Manu and I were playing on the floor and announced:

“Oh my God! When I woke up this morning I thought ‘It’s been 14 whole hours since I last saw him!’ I missed him so much! Come here!”

Really? That’s so not the first thing I think of in the morning.

We did get to see the Aunts briefly as well (a short hour before bedtime on our last night there). Manu loves his Aunts and they love him right back. Again, baby people. It was wonderful to have so many eager babysitters around for a bit. We’ll see you guys in a couple of weeks for a proper visit at Christmas!

Manu and I had a great little vacay in Connecticut (save for the night time fiasco) and really enjoyed our time spent with all of you. We’re already looking forward to next Thanksgiving!

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