Baby’s First Tree

Riz and I were really excited to share Christmas with Manu this year. He’s still too young to understand the craziness/joy of it all but, nonetheless, we had a great time including him in our little traditions.
Instead of shelling out big bucks at a nursery, we made the trek out to Reilly Farms in search of the perfect tree. We slowly navigated our way through the snowstorm (I’m speaking in PA terms here), avoided several accidents, and made it safely to Mt. Nebo, PA. There we found a gorgeous Fraser for half of what we had been paying in years past at the local nurseries. Lesson learned.

Every year Riz and I each buy a new ornament to add to the tree. This year, Arman picked out his very first ornament. As you can see, he was a fan of the jingle bells.

We tried to show him how to hang the bells on the tree

but he was far more interested in getting the entire thing in his mouth.

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119 photographs later, Manu’s drool-covered jingle bells finally made it onto the tree.

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