A New Year

New Year’s resolution time. I’m great at making them, but I stink at keeping them. Of all the past resolutions I’ve made which have included: running a minimum of three times a week, keeping my nails in pristine condition and morphing into a glamorous desperate housewife to name a few, I haven’t kept a single one. I haven’t ran since I became pregnant with Manu. My nails are perpetually brittle and jagged. And while I did manage to become a housewife, there’s absolutely nothing glamorous about the gig. Actually, now that I ‘m thinking back, I did keep one resolution I made 2 years ago which was to eat more yogurt. I did do that. Yay for me.

My mom said to me on the phone the other day that people who really desire change in their lives will do whatever it takes to make it happen, new year or not. There’s always a million reasons not to do something. That may be so, but I still can’t myself. The idea of starting fresh is so exciting. I was thinking of making this year’s resolution(s) like a “to-do” list. I love lists and I’m good at accomplishing things when they’re in list form. And maybe smaller goals for me. Anything bigger than ‘eating more yogurt’ and I’m bound to fail.

Ok, so my current To-Do/Resolution List for 2009:

1. Edit and simplify- Starting in the kitchen and working my way through the house. Giving/throwing stuff away, organizing what I have, and working on making daily chores and processes more efficient. Fun!

2. Finish decorating the family room and re-do entry. I’ve had a serious and prolonged decorating block in regards to the family room. My problem is that I can’t decide on a color scheme or even an overall look long enough to do something about it. As soon as I think I have a brilliant idea, I see a gorgeous home featured in Elle Decor or House Beautiful and I’m no longer happy with my plan. I need to stop relying on others to tell me what the chic-est shade of kelly green is, or how Kelly Wearstler-esque lattice prints are sooo en vogue and finally just do what I like. Period.

3. More me time. Now that I’m a mom, I feel like I’m always giving. It’s kinda what I do and it’s so easy to lose yourself in the days that seem to blend together. There are no weekends. There are no vacations. I love it, but it’s awfully demanding. I’m going to work on scheduling some time out for just me and not feel guilty about doing it. I know I’ll be a better mom for it.

I think that’s plenty to start with. If by some miracle I accomplish those things, I’ll add more. I can think of at least a dozen other things I’d like to do but I’ll reserve them for fear of once again setting my expectations far too high. Wish me luck.

Here’s to trying! Cheers!


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