I Miss Hhds.

I miss Horseheads. More specifically though, I miss being around family. Riz is working this weekend and next week he’ll be heading to Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s really hard to do the parent thing by yourself. Some days you just need someone to say with arms outstretched: “Here. Let me take him for a bit. Go shower.” There was an entire week of that when we went home for Christmas. I know I’ve said this before, but it’s so great to have so many people anxious to entertain the little guy all day, every day. Having everyone there provided Riz and I with several opportunities to get out of the house together AND separately without the baby in tow! Must do more of that this year!
Some highlights:

Reading for leisure.

Sisters doing nothing!

Hanging out with cousins.

Food and family.

Meeting up with old friends…

…and some brand new ones!
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