Full Speed Ahead

I’m so ready for the weekend. I’m exhausted, which is pretty sad because I usually sleep a full 8 hours. During the day however, I’m running around like a mad woman trying to keep up with this kid. He’s so darn fast! I haven’t worked out like this in years! Countless reps with a 20lb weight, running laps around the first floor, stairs, squats, you name it. He’s the best/worst boot-camp ever. I’m trying hard to let him explore while keeping him safe. Easier said than done. The safest place is in his pack-n-play, but after about 15 minutes I feel guilty seeing him penned up, so I take him out. He inevitably gets into/onto/under (it only takes a second) something seemingly innocuous and hurts himself. Again, I feel guilty. Looking forward to his first steps. That’ll be peachy.
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