Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium

After hearing many rave reviews, we decided to check out the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium during Riz’s week off from work. Although we had already snagged memberships to the Botantical Gardens, Children’s Museum and Aviary, we knew we would have to add the Zoo and Aquarium to our ever-growing list before even stepping foot inside.

I’m doing my best to pose for a darling mother-son photo, but Manu decides to keep it real and kick me in the face.

Manu spots a kitty. This is my “I’m smiling but I’m not sure I want you to be calling that kitty over here ” face. Note the tension in my neck.

These two extra large kitties sure were amazing to watch but I was kinda nervous about their proximity to us .

Especially given that I could easily rest my arms on the fence that was supposed to keep us separated.

I’m usually not a fraidy cat (ha!) and I’m all about trying to recreate an open, natural habit, but it was lunch time. I also overheard someone say that they each eat about 10 pounds of food a day. Hmm. One twenty pound baby divided by two lions…. moving on.

This pretty kitty was behind a wall.

Too into his salmon lunch to even notice us.

Along with our furry friends there was of course the scaly, bumpy, creepy friends. This guy held so incredibly still I don’t think Manu even noticed he was there.

Unfortunately, our camera’s battery konked out on us by the time we made our way to the aquarium where we watched in awe as a pair of polar bears swim around and over us; twirling and turning sommersaults like they were light as can be. Super cool. Definitely have to make another trip back to capture that one.

Back at home, Manu was able to get up close and personal with a bear more his size (Thanks, Osman!).

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2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium

  1. Cute pics! Looks like Manu has a soccer leg. As for lions, most zoos have a barely visible but gigantic cliff/moat or other barricade between large carnivores and the public. Still, there's something to be said for maternal instincts. p.s. As I recall, most of the credit for the bear should probably go to Auntie Dallice.

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