And We’re Back!

Yep! After a lengthy 9 month hiatus, I’m ready to blog again. Why gone so long? No time? Nah. We all have time for the things we want to make time for. Truth is, blogging was feeling like a real chore and goodness knows I have enough of those. It simply wasn’t fun anymore, so I dropped it. I wasn’t sure I was ever going to pick it up again but I have to say, it feels really great to be back.

So what changed? I’m not so sure. Maybe it’s this gorgeous spring weather that’s rejuvenated me. Maybe it’s because overnight, Arman turned into a hilarious little man who can now count to twelve and has strong opinions on what should be served at snack time and I don’t want to forget a moment (well, most moments anyway) of it. Maybe it’s because our family has gone through a whirlwind of major life changes in the past nine months and I’m desperate to document and share the on-going drama that is our life. I dunno, but today feels like the right day.

Whatever the reasons, I’m back with renewed energy and excitement about this blog. I have some ideas brewing for future posts that I’m really looking forward to getting started on. It’s going to be great! Before we dive in though, a recap of the past nine months is in order and boy has it been a crazy time. Weddings, an engagement, moving and moving again, our growing family, holidays, babies, the interview trail, Ivy League, and growing up. We begin in August…

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