At the end of August we made the looong 6 hour trek out to Brooklyn to witness our friends Jon and Maria, tie the knot. It was one of the most memorable weddings we’ve attended; an intimate, personal, and heartfelt affair from start to finish. Free of cliched vows and dyed to match satin, all the elements of the day truly reflected and celebrated the couple and their commitment to each other.

The bride and her mom make their way through Prospect Park. How gorgeous are they?! Now that’s a Mother of the Bride dress. No frumpy- dumpy here. At the reception she dedicated a tango to the newlyweds. How brilliant!

The exchange of rings

The vows.

August 27th marked our 11 year dating anniversary. The hubby surprised me with a Le Creuset grill pan in “Dijon”. I had my eye on the baby for months and was so pysched (do people still say that?) that Riz snatched one up for me. It’s one of those items you know you’ll use but would never buy for yourself. Now only if I had an extra grand lying around, I could finish off the collection.

Manu presents Mommy with her new grill pan. And yes, he’s sporting a pony tail.

This pic is one of my favorites from the entire summer. It’s not great technically, but I love the feel of it. My little/not so little boy. I wonder what caught his attention. A passing car? A barking dog? Is he sensing the transition from summer to fall? Or marveling at how much world there is to explore? Maybe like his momma he’s wondering how he got so big so fast.


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