In November Manu experienced his first salon hair cut. Before this time only Aunt Sameena had touched his precious locks. It took 3 adults to get the job done. He sat in Riz’s lap and I distracted/bribed him with gummy bears and cookies while the stylist went to work. Here’s the “before”. Doesn’t he look skeptical?

And here’s the clean-cut “after”. Personally, I prefer his hair a little on the shaggy side which is good for all of us because that experience was a bit tortuous for all involved.

Our local PBS station opened up the old set of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood to the public (Pittsburgh being Mr. Rogers’ real-life neighborhood) and of course we had to go. Manu really has no idea who Mr. Rogers is. He’s pretty content with the characters on Sesame Street for the time being. I on the other hand was totally excited to get our picture in The Land of Make Believe. Someday, he’ll appreciate the awesomeness of that opportunity…or not.

Riz had a couple more interviews in CT lined up for the days leading up to Thanksgiving. My sweet Aunt and Uncle generously offered their home to us for the entire week. When Riz wasn’t interviewing, we spent our time scoping out New Haven and the surrounding areas considering where we might want to settle if Riz was accepted there.

Manu checking out the exhibits at Kidcity Children’s Museum in Middletown.

Thanksgiving, more than any other holiday I feel, says “family”. As soon as we’ve put away the last bite of Aziza’s delicious cooking and changed into our elastic-banded sweats, I’m thinking about how much I miss them already and can’t wait to do it all again next year. I love our traditions: Dinner at 4pm on Thursday, West Farms Mall on Friday (always an hour later than we planned…always), Sleighride Mochas at Gloria Jean’s, and the mandatory sibling couch picture. I was so excited for Manu to be a part of it all this year; to experience the joy and liveliness of it all.

Seemed like he was pretty excited to be a part of it too.

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