A new year.  A fresh start.  In 31 days we packed in enough chaos, excitement, and change to last the year.  It was beyond overwhelming to say the least.  In bullet form, I give you January:

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  • January 1st:  538 Atlantic goes on the market.  We spent the days leading up to the 1st, staging the house for a fast sale.  This included selling and giving away lots and lots of STUFF, putting other stuff in storage, taking magazine worthy pics, and keeping the entire 1600+ square feet in show condition at ALL times.  Just writing about it is making me anxious.  What a crazy way to live!  We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but we had no idea how trying it would be.
  • January 2nd:  Realtor calls and says we have our first showing….in 40 minutes.  Yikes!  The next 3 weeks would bring many, many prospective buyers (we were averaging 7 showings/week)through our front door: People showing up unannounced, people not showing up when they said they would, 15 minute notifications,  people dragging their snowed covered boots through the nursery, 2nd showings that resulted in dashed hopes.
  • January 6th:  It’s official!  Riz gets accepted into his first choice for a Child and Adolescent Pyschiatry Fellowship!  We move in June!
  • January 26th:  I call my mom.  ” I think you should come.  I’m having mild contractions.”  HA!  Little did I know how much longer I’d be having those.
  • January 27th:  Mom arrives.  Contractions disappear during the day and reappear after dinner every day from now until Pinky Pie finally arrives.
  • January 28th:  We show the house with a 15 minute notice to a gentlemen from Boston.  I’ve got a good feeling about him.
  • January 30th:  Gentleman from Boston shows pics of the house to the wife and she flies in to look in person.  Still having contractions.  Nothing worth timing.  Super-frustrated.
  • January 31st:  11 AM Couple from Boston look at the house for a third time.  We come back from a trip to Lowes to find them filling out paperwork in the kitchen (YES!).  Contractions getting stronger?  I’m not sure anymore?  3PM  Boston couple puts an offer on the house and negotiations begin 4PM  Contractions are definitely stronger now but they’re not consolidating and I can still easily breathe through them.  Grrr!  I’m ready to have this baby!  We decide to go to the hospital anyway.
  • 5pm:  Check into Magee.  I’m pretty sure there’s no way they’re admitting me yet but figure it’s worth a shot.
  • 6pm:  Triage resident comes in to check me out and has me guess how far along I am.  I say 3cm (hoping to be far along enough so they don’t send me home.  She says: “7 and 90%” Success!  It’s off to get the epidural!
  • 7pm:  After a little back and forth we accept an offer on the house.
  • 9:01pm:  It’s a boy!  Sweet little baby Azeem born on his due date weighing in at 6lbs, 150z like his big brother.  He’s perfect and we’re over the moon!

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