Today (in order?)

  • 6am: Up and can’t go back to sleep.  Finally decide to throw some sneakers on and hit the road running, literally.
  • Back home for a shower, toast and coffee.
  • Get myself and the kiddos ready for the zoo.
  • 9:15am: Meet the Angie and the kids at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium.  Lions, tigers and bears!
  • 11:00ish am: Leave the zoo.  Baby cries most of the ride home.  Manu would too if it weren’t for Sesame Street Sing-a-Long video.  ” On top of spaghetti..”
  • 11:20am: Park the car and Manu screams when the video gets turned off in the middle of a song.
  • 11:25am: Still screaming as a change his diaper.  Baby’s screaming too.  It’s nice to feel appreciated.
  • 11:30am:  Put Manu down for a nap.  It’s a half hour early, but he seems tired.  Feed the babe.
  • 11:45am:  Hmmm.  Not sleeping.
  • 12:00pm:  Manu’s asleep.  Like clockwork.
  • Entertain the baby, empty dishwasher, load dishwasher, email, blog, think about lunch, put baby to sleep.
  • 1:20pm:  Lawn care people wake Manu waaaay to early.   Manu starts scream.  Baby starts to scream.
  • 2:00pm  Feed Manu lunch after explaining for the 100th time this week, that the next time he has to go poopy, tell mommy first and she’ll put him on the potty.  Sigh.  Feed the baby.  Again.
  • 3:30sih pm: Hang out with the kids.  Manu brings me Green Eggs and Ham to read.
  • Call Riz.  No answer.  Facebook tells me he’s been at the Olive Garden for lunch.  Did I forget to eat lunch?
  • 4:00ishpm:  Riz calls back.  He’s done and on his way home.  (YES!).  We make plans to go to Target.
  • 4:30ishpm:  Make our way through traffic to Target.
  • 5:00pm:  Feed the baby, do our shopping.  Fun stuff today: toilet paper, paper towels, face wash, 2 kinds of trail mix and some fruit bars.
  • 5:45pm:  Hang out at the Waterfront fountain with the kids.  Manu runs around the lawn barefoot and thinks it’s the bees knees.  Zeemu plays “airplane” with Riz.
  • 6:30pm: Back home to heat up left-overs (Green Chili and Chicken Burritos) for dinner.  Manu doesn’t believe in left-overs.  Zeemu on the other hand has had the same thing for 3 months.
  • 7:00pm: I start Zeemu’s bedtime routine.
  • 7:45pm: Riz starts Manu’s bedtime routine.
  • 8:00pm: Both kids are asleep.
  • 8:30pm:  I go to Whole Food while Riz watches the kids.  I always, always spend too much.  I don’t think there’s anyway around that.  Got some yummy stuff though.  I’m especially looking forward to my milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts.  That’s my little me-to-me gift.
  • 9:30pm: Home again.  Riz helps me unload the car.  I put the groceries away while Riz cleans up the kitchen.  Man, I bought a lot of yogurt!  And those Elmo french toast things? Totally an impulse buy.
  • 10:00pm: Time to blog.
  • 11:00pm:  Goodnight, world.  Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Today

  1. ahh… the daily grind.

    a few observations:

    1. running, literally? Oh? Tell me more!!

    2. I find myself easily spending more at Target than at whole foods. I can’t walk out of Target without spending at least $150. I think there might be a Facebook page out there to that effect.

    3. Hazelnut and chocolate bar… drool.

    4. How’s potty training going?

  2. S,
    1. I wish I loved to run as much as you do, but I really never have. The only things I can say I really like about the whole thing is a. the kids aren’t with me b. the shower afterward. It’s the post-partum jiggles that keeps me going. So not pretty.

    2. Yep. Target too for sure. Go in for papertowels and body wash and come out with new sheets, cute belt, clothes for the kiddos, and inevitably a “clearanced “something or another because it’s just so darn cheap.

    3. It’s the 365 brand and it’s real good.

    4. Potty training is going slow but great so far, which is easy for me to say because Riz has really taken the lead here. He’s been consistently peeing on the potty for about 2 weeks now, but is timid about doing anything else. The book I read (Mommy I Have To Go Potty) recommends putting them in underwear at this stage. I’m not sure any of us are ready for that. I think we’ll take it slow and keep things this way until after the move (May 28th). Any suggestions for how to move forward at this stage?

  3. 1. I like that the kids arent with me either, or more specifically, that it’s my time.

    4. Pick a d-day and just go for it. He throws out the diapers or packs them away for baby (ps – when we did it, both my kids packed their diapers away for “Baby Arman”) And that’s the end. Save the pull ups for night training. Expect accidents, and thats the end of it. I’d wait till i was moved into a new house too.

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