The Big Apple

On Saturday we took advantage of our new location and traveled into the city just for the day.  We packed up the kids and hit the road by 7am. After a quick stop for some much needed coffee, we were off.  We parked the car at 8:30am.  We were  are in awe.  Only 1 1/2 hours to the center of the universe?  It cannot be!

We spent the day with cool Uncle Faheem.  Like the great brother he is, he took the day off from studying for his boards to hail cabs, hold the babies, and keep our tummies full.  We splashed around in the sprinklers at Central Park, gawked at the dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History, and ended the day with a helping of burgers and fries from the Shake Shack.  Super-great time.  Manu’s favorite part?  The taxis, of course.  Simple pleasures.


2 thoughts on “The Big Apple

  1. Awww! That looks like a fantastic trip–I’m so jealous! (Jealous that you got to go to the city and that you got to meet the other Aziza!)

  2. It WAS fantastic. No need to be jealous though. We can go again when you come visit! And as for Aziza, you’ll love her…but it’s definitely weird calling someone else “Aziza”. Good thing there’s only 1 “Zeus”!

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