Friday Favorites: Bedtime Stories

I had this idea back when I started to blogging  again to do a series called “Friday Favorites”.  I decided to wait until I was posting somewhat regularly to start it and I’m thinking now is a pretty good time.   I’m hoping to document and share a hodge podge of our favorite things here at the Parvez nest.  Everything from ice cream flavors to cleaning products to weekend destinations.

So we’ll start with Bedtime Stories.  Manu actually has 2 current favorites:


Riz puts Manu to bed each night.  It’s their thing.  We both used to do it but now there’s two of them and the rest, as they say, is history.  So after I give the tiny guy a bath, Riz starts the bedtime routine with Manu: shower (Yep.  This 2 year old loves to take showers), pajamas, story, lovey(s), lights out.

Riz lets Manu choose what story he wants to hear (Of course, we “read” most stories from memory now.)  He picks “Goodnight Moon” a little more than 1/2 the time, but likes a healthy dose of “The Going to Bed Book” too.  Riz recites the book as he rocks Manu in his arms….  Someday he’s going to be too big to hold.  Don’t really want to think about that day….  He pauses at the end of each of stanza to let Manu chime in with “hush” or “exercise!”  which is really just adorable.  And then it’s off to dreamland.

I’m sure pretty sure these won’t be his favorites forever.  He’ll find a new book; a cooler book.  A mystery book with chapters perhaps, that’ll he’ll read under the covers with a flash-light.  But for now, he’s still our favorite little 2 year old who never seems to tire of the happening in the great green room.


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Bedtime Stories

  1. To this day, I still love “Good night Moon.” That was one of Jordan’s early favorites too. Haven’t read the “Going to Bed Book,” but if it offers any tips on making bedtime faster, I’m all ears. Our bedtime routines have gotten painfully long.

  2. Hi there…I followed Sadaf over here a while ago and haven’t been lurking for a while until today…Going to Bed book was my now 4 year old’s fave too. Sadaf…it is a nice end to evening b/c it’s short and ends with the lights out. However, I have a bone to pick with the fact that the animals go up to exercise when they’re clearly ready for bed…what’s with that? lol

    Great looking newer blog you’ve got here…will plan to peruse when I have some time later. I didn’t realize you have a new baby now until I saw Sadaf’s entry on Miss Mina turning 4. Congrats from a total stranger!

  3. Hi Rani! Thanks for stopping by! I’ve seen your comments on Sadaf’s blog before so you’re not a total stranger!
    The Going to Bed Book is fantastic. She’s got a great sense of humor. I don’t know if you’ve checked out her other stuff but the Birthday Monsters is also one of our favorites. Not a bedtime book, but still really cute. Feel free to wander back here whenever you get the chance!

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