Friday Favorite: Have Your Cake

Is it Friday already?! This week was a blur. Love that!  Yay for the weekend!

Tomorrow we’re celebrating my fabulous niece’s 4th birthday!

Yep.  She’s only 4 and already fabulous.  So in honor of the festivities, let’s talk birthday cake!

As I kid, my parents knew to get me a Hershey Pie straight out of the frozen foods section at Sam’s Club.

I know.  Gross.  I think Burger King sells it by the slice now.

I like to think that my taste is a little more refined now.  I have a fall birthday which is the perfect setting for a rich, dark, chocolate-y cake.  My favorite?

A moist, dark-chocolate cake with a molten chocolate center covered in chocolate ganache with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.  A scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side please and thank you.

The Gingerman in Albany, NY makes a mean molten chocolate cake. Fortunately, so does my sis!

So, do you have a favorite birthday cake?  Confetti?  Perhaps an super-moist red velvet cake?  An airy angel’s food with berries?  Do tell!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Have Your Cake

  1. So excited to see you guys!! Miss Mina has no idea what a surprise we have planned for her when we whisk her off to the nail salon. She is going to flip. And when she finds out her favorite aunt/princess Tahera is coming along – oh lord.

    I baked a cake tonight, for dinner Saturday. it’s a very rich chocolate cake I got from a website. Of course I butchered getting it out of the bundt pan (visions of chocolate cake swathered in homemade whipped cream and berries). Alas, it’s more like cake with enormous chunks missing. I’m considering turning it into a trifle. We shall see.


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