On This Day: July 26, 2008

Every now and then I like to browse through our folders upon folders of pictures to see what we were up to in years past on whatever day it happens to be.

On this day in 2008,  Riz,  Manu (then 3 months old) and I were spending the day roaming around NYC.   I remember the trip so vividly.  Bagels and iced coffees in the Upper West Side, window shopping in the Village, fish and chips for lunch and trying to find a half-decent place to nurse the babe.

We were brand new parents and looking back at these photos I kinda have to laugh at us.  We’ve all learned so much  since these were taken.  Unfortunately, the first kid  has to the be the guinea pig.  The second kid really puts things into perspective.  With the first, you get on the train at 5:25pm so that you’re 1/2 block from the apartment at 5:45, so that you’re in the apartment at 5:53. So that you’re running the bath water at 5:55 to test at 5:56.  That’ll give you enough time to undress the baby, grab his hooded animal towel and Rainbowfish water-proof book , re-test the water and set him in the newly sanitized bathtub at 6pm on the nose.  The second time around you figure you make it back when you make it back and if he doesn’t sleep well tonight, well, there’s always tomorrow.  Better still, you call the sitter and go out by yourselves.


One thought on “On This Day: July 26, 2008

  1. That is the cutest pic of you and Manu at the fountain (and I love, love that white eyelet top).

    Totally spot on re: difference between #1 and #2. What I’m also noticing is that it results in different kid personalities too.

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