Manu’s 1st….Seriously.

Riz here again… Note to self: NEVER link your WordPress blog to your FB account before trying some high tech HTML embedding voodoo. You’ll hit “publish” like a million times before you realize that each one is being added to your news feed. Or your wife’s, which is even worse. Sorry everyone!

At any rate, this has been quite the humbling experience. All I wanted to do was show our year + old video montage from Manu’s first birthday. His FIRST birthday, for heaven’s sake.  The kid’s well over 2 now! The snag has been that YouFace doesn’t allow copyrighted music (in this case, BNL) to be played in the video. It just strips all audio from the upload.

Today, I thought a handy-dandy way to get around that would be to use the *excellent* Grooveshark site to embed a separate audio widget and have folks just click play on both. Well, it turns out that WordPress doesn’t like Grooveshark. After HOURS of trying to get it to work, I’ve concluded that there just isn’t any way to embed Grooveshark-sourced music in our WordPress blog. As a last resort, and I truly mean LAST, I posted the video and Grooveshark widget on our old Blogger blog (all of 3 minutes work.) So without further ado, please click the link below and follow the instructions to see Manu’s 1st Birthday video:

Manu’s 1st on Blogger


6 thoughts on “Manu’s 1st….Seriously.

  1. Maybe doesn’t like Grooveshark, but Grooveshark does have a wordpress plugin. It just doesn’t work on 😦

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