The Big-Boy Room

It looks like Manu’s room is going to be the first to be decorated in our new place here in CT.  I was planning on starting in the living room but Zeemu needs to be moved into a crib ASAP and I didn’t want to buy another one.  This past weekend we purchased a big-boy bed for Manu which frees up yet another hand-me-down  the crib for Zeemu.

And a new big-boy bed requires a suitable big-boy room like this one:

It’s Serena and Lily; (of course) creator of all things super-awesome for kids (and adults now too!).  Super-lovely stuff with a super-high price tag to match.  Of course there’s no way I could swing the $820 it would cost to purchase the collection.  Even if I could afford it,  there’s  just no fun in that. Rather than literally recreate the room piece by piece, what I hope to do is capture and translate the feeling of the inspiration room into my design : a little nautical, a little preppy, clean lines, relaxed, with pops of  bright color for fun.

With two little ones it’ll be slow-going, but we’ll  keep you posted on the progress!


One thought on “The Big-Boy Room

  1. I like the Pez dispensers. Don’t they look cute up there, lined up all neatly? I have a sneaking suspicion that wouldn’t last in a real big boy’s room.

    Looking fwd to seeing the finished product. I know it will be fabulous.


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