Friday Favorites: Guilty Pleasure Television

We don’t have a television.  When we’ve moved to CT we decided not to hook it up.  We were never big TV watchers so ditching it wasn’t a big deal.  Come fall though you better believe I’ll be a regular on the CW website.  Why?  For my favorite guilty pleasure TV fix:  Gossip Girl.

I love it.  I love Blair.  I love Chuck.  I love Blair+Chuck.  I love the clothes.  I love the city.  I love the writing; the literary references.  I love.

I cannot wait for the new season.

Ok.  You dish!  What is it?  Real Housewives?  Rachel Zoe?  Jersey Shore? Eating your way through an entire bag of Oreos during The Biggest Loser?



PS: We love you, Jordan.


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Guilty Pleasure Television

  1. oh man, I’ve recently gotten into Jersey Shore but my worst and probably most secret guilty pleasure is Keeping up with the Kardashians

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