Friday Favorites: Take Out

I really enjoy cooking.  I didn’t always.  I think I really got into it when the old B-lo crew used to host our famous Tuesday Night Dinners.  That was years ago, before any of us had kids. 

I cook when I can.  Tonight I made Linguine with Red Bell Peppers and Kalamata Olives which is a nice, summer-y, quick meal.  Some days are so completely crazy that I either don’t have time to prepare what I had planned, or I just need a break from the kitchen (Manu eats like I do; little portions all day long which means I’m serving and cleaning up ~5 small meals a day.  Oh, and the baby has his own homemade baby food which is of course different than what I’m serving the rest of the family, so that’s an additional 3 meals/day.  That’s a lot of kitchen time, friends. )

So when the going gets tough, I whip out the cell phone and ask Riz to pick-up something for dinner on his way home.  We have discovered 2 favorite take-out places in New Haven (there’s sooo much good food here!).  The first is Saray in West Haven; a traditional Turkish restaurant with perfectly seasoned, out-of this-world grilled meat and portions so large there’s enough for dinner again tomorrow.   We’re big fans of the Mixed Grill that features lamb and chicken kebabs, shredded beef, lamb chops, fresh bread, and pilaf.  Mouth-watering.

When we’re in the mood for some lighter fare,  York St. Noodle House hits the spot.  The Chicken Coconut Curry Tom Yum is h-o-t but still balanced, light and fresh.  Ah!  So good!

So…. what’s on your speed dial when you’re in a pinch?  Pizza?  Mexican? Or will you just reach for a bowl of cereal and call it a night?  Dish!


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Take Out

  1. I’m sure as former Buffalonians you’ve relied on the same source, but our fave takeout spot is Kuni’s for really fresh sushi. I like the spicy tuna roll and my husband is in love with the salmon pieces. As a back-up, it’s the chicken with eggplant at Red Pepper. Hearty and savory with a touch of sweet, it’s an effortless weeknight meal for us!

  2. Turkish meats, eh? I could die. The Twin Tiers being simply too humble for such delights, my fancy must make due with the Dandy Mini Mart create a sandwich. It is very fantastic in its own way, and for only £2.99, it’s truly a deal. And you order it on your own touch screen computer! I frequent the Italian sandwich on 12 grain wheat, and customize with Swiss cheese, lettuce (light), pickles (heavy), and sometimes treat myself with bacon for an extra 50¢. On the side I choose Leroy’s Italian Sauce, a poor man’s vinaigrette. It’s not the Tea Room at the Plaza, but more than a simple bang for your buck. At 1 in the morning, the neon lights and friendly staff make for your own personal dreamlike short order. It’s what you make of it I’ve been told!

  3. Sarah, looooove Kuni’s. We used to go when they were located on Elmwood next to Fowlers. Haven’t been to their new location. I liked the California with Flying Fish Eggs; sounds and looks a little scary, but soo tasty. I don’t think I’ve been to Red Pepper, but it sounds delicious!

    Knitter, please start a blog to document your daily musings. I would follow religiously. PS: Knitter and T do afternoon tea at The Plaza. Let’s do it!

  4. Well, you hooked me. I’ll try my best… It’s giving me a little anxiety, and makes me feel pompously trivial. Perhaps this blog will create more noteworthy situations for me! Or, at least, I’ll perfect the style that made Virginia Woolf go crazy.

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