Happy Monday!  Man that weekend flew by!

Saturday we ventured to Madison, CT for a little beach time at Hammonasset Beach State Park.

According to Wiki,  Hammonasset is Connecticut’s largest shoreline park with over 2 miles of  beach along  Long Island Sound.

Whenever I step onto the beach these days (which fortunately happens to be quite a bit) I immediately hear Vampire Weekend’s Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa playing in my head and it’s a lovely thing.  There’s this overwhelming feeling of gratitude whenever my toes sink into the sand. I’m grateful to be be in a such a beautiful place.  Grateful there wasn’t a Child Psych fellowship opening at Pitt. Grateful there was a spot at Yale. Grateful our kids will grow up by the water…  I imagined Manu on the beach years from now. Starry sky, bonfire, rolling waves, tall grass, still with his shaggy hair and lanky like his old man, celebrating with friends his last summer night before college.  It made me happy. I can see us here forever.

But right now he’s only two and it’s time to play!

Riz and I took turns holding his hand as he ran into the waves.  This kid has zero fear of the ocean.  Won’t go the slide but will run full-speed, straight out into open waters.

When Riz and I were both exhausted from hoisting the little guy, we suggested that he try to capture his shadow.

Don’t we look happy?  I had to all but drag him onto the bench with me.  The only reason he’s sitting for the picture is because we told him he could bring his dump-truck with him.   Kids.

And just like that, it was nap time.  We knew it was time to pack up after asking  Manu if he wanted to go back into the ocean and he responded by slowly shaking his little head.  After a quick stop at a local pizzeria, both boys fell sound asleep in the car and continued to sleep away the afternoon when we arrived back home.  Hammonasset for the win!

Great Saturday.  Great beach.  Great boys.  Great life.


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