Mi Amor

On Tuesday evenings I let Manu watch Dora  before bed.  (Aren’t I the best?) Tuesday is the designated Dora day because  it’s Riz’s late day at work.  Since Manu is beyond smitten with Dora, Boots, and the rest of the gang,  2 episodes of the “super-cool explorer” is my awesome parenting tool to effectively keep Manu entertained while I get Zeemu bathed and ready for bed. “But you don’t own a television”, you say.  Quite right.  Enter Netflix free streaming video.  All the Dora you could ever hope to stand is just a click away!  Vamanos!

So as I settle Manu on the couch with the laptop on this particular Tuesday I ask:

“Manu, do you love me?”

” I do Mommy.  I love you.”

“Aww.  That’s sweet.  Manu, are you just saying that because I’m letting you watch Dora?”

“Yeah……….  That’s funny, huh?!”

He speaks from the heart, this one.  On the plus side, turns out I can buy his love.

Photo from nickjr. com


4 thoughts on “Mi Amor

  1. this is great. I have been letting the kids watch Dora, we have a little video of hers that I bought for the trip. I’m the map, I’m the map. lol…

  2. Isn’t it wonderful how easily they can be bought these days? I suspect that might change in the future… or we might need to come up with alternate strategies as they approach the tween/teen years. Horrible visions of “My Sweet 16” on MTV.

  3. If you haven’t seen it already, you gotta check out “Super Why”… it’s on PBS but also on Netflix Instant. It’s like AP English for toddlers. Fantastic. (Is it wrong to enjoy these shows sans children? I think not.)

    • “Who’s got the power? The power to read…” We have seen it. Actually, we were watching it pretty regularly in Horseheads during that 3 week transition to CT. Maybe I should serve up a little Super Why every other Tuesday. It’s far less annoying and maybe he’ll actually learn something; something more than screaming “MOON!!! LA LUNA!!!!” at the top of his lungs.

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