Friday Favorites: Apizza

My mom and littlest sis are coming into town tomorrow! While I’d love to go all out and cook up a weekend’s worth of homemade, from scratch meals, I’d rather use the time to hang out and catch up with the fam.  I must be getting old. We’ll probably order some local pizza at some point during the weekend. Love pizza! You won’t find good pizza New Haven, but you will find incredible apizza (pronounced ah-BEETZ).  Apizza is simply New-Haven style pizza which is a kind of Neapolitan pizza and very similar to New York style pizza.  Now you know.

Sally's Apizza New Haven, CT

So let’s talk toppings.  I’m kinda of purist when it comes to pizza  (Can I even use those two words together?  Purist and Pizza???)  I feel, if it’s really good pizza, the crust, the sauce and the cheese should be the stars. Nothing else.  Ok, maybe some  fresh basil too.

Riz’s  favorite topping is mushrooms.  Has been for as long as I’ve known him (we’re celebrating a dozen years together today).  He’d put mushrooms on his life.

Manu?  He doesn’t even like pizza.  I know.  It’s so wrong.  He’d rather eat lamb from the Turkish restaurant up the road.  No joke.

So, let’s hear it!  What’s your favorite pizza topping?  A medley of grilled veggies?  Maybe something a little more tropical, like pineapple?  Meat. meat and more meat?  Oh the possibilities….

Happy Weekend Everyone!

PS:  I talk an awful lot about food.  Hmmm.


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Apizza

  1. I’m a big fan of la pizza margherita. Has to be fresh though–doesn’t exactly work the next day, cold…that’s what Pudgies is for!

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