Wooster Square Market

The Wooster Square Market is one of five Farmers Markets located in New Haven.  That’s pretty impressive for a city with a population somewhere around 130,000.  This particular market is open every Saturday from May1- December 18th.  December!  That’s just nuts!   I don’t know what kind of things will be available then, but I’m hoping it’s a lot of cider, pine and cinnamon.  Mmmm!

Riz and I took the kiddos this past Saturday. I could’ve easily spent the entire morning  leisurely strolling from stand to stand, noshing on freshly baked pastries, and coming up with a farmers market -only dinner menu to be served that evening , but like I said, we brought the kids.

Even if by nature you tend to be somewhat inefficient , parenthood will kick that right out of you.  You have no choice.   It’s a steep learning curve for some, but then it’s automatic.   After one quick sweep of the  vendors, we made our list: blueberries, concord grapes and homemade granola.  We’d put in a request for the girl to start putting together a  bouquet, grab the raspberry yogurt, and pick up the flowers on our way out.  Done and done.  Of course, this isn’t the way a market should be enjoyed, but to make it a peaceful and enjoyable experience for the rest of New Haven, that’s how we roll these days.


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