Uncle Osman Visits

Uncle Osman came to visit us in CT this past weekend.  We tried to pack in as much New Haven goodness as we could into the 2 days we had before he headed off to his next adventure.  Saturday was spent at the Farmers Market, East Rock Park and Walnut Beach.  Sunday we grabbed some homemade ice cream and took a little stroll around the  Yale Campus.  The weekend flew by and early Monday morning Uncle Osman hit the road to make the ferry to Nantucket. When Manu awoke, his Uncle has already left.  He promptly questioned his whereabouts and continued to ask for the remainder of the day.   I think he finally got it.  This morning Manu informed me: “Uncle Osman’s goes to…..goes to…goes to…..” “Massachusetts? ” I suggested.  He nodded.  ”  Uncle Osman goes to Massachusetts with his friends.”  Poor kid.  He gets so attached.  He was clearly loving  every moment with his “HUMONGOUS” uncle.


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