Halloween is one of those situations where more is more. With two kids to torture dress up, this year proved to be the most fun yet.  I made the costumes again this year but kept them simple.  The most time-consuming was sewing Zeemu’s top which really only took 2 naps to complete. ( I measure time in naps)  A little duct tape and reflective tape and Manu’s costume was done in one evening.  Very easy and so inexpensive.

Our fireman and his dalmatian:

Manu had a blast.  He really got the concept of trick or treating this year and of course was totally into it.  We let him stay up past his bed time to make his way around the neighborhood collecting treats in his little plastic pumpkin.  And while he now understands the ritual of ringing doorbells and collecting candy, he’s not sure why we’re not trick-or-treating EVERY single evening.  That’s a hard one to explain; doing things only once a year.  For him,  next Halloween is pretty much a life time away….but we already have a costumes planned : )


3 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Dear Manu, you have the right idea. I think we all should be allowed to ring doorbells every evening and get candy. The world would be happier with more chocolate:)

    My husband is a firefighter and this duo is a combo we’ve never thought of. We’ve had a chief and a louie; White hat and red hatted but never the dalmation. Why didn’t I think of that when I had control over costuming?

    This year I had a swimmer (???) – goggles, medals etc and a ninja. Next year they want to be Greek heros (because of the lightning thief book series. Not quite as cute:)

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