Right Angle

Along with the close-up, detailed pictures, I desperately tried to get a nice room-view shot.  No such luck.  With walls and door frames in the way, I couldn’t position myself to capture the angle I was after.  I think Santa should bring me a wide-angle lens…and a macro lens…and diamonds.


2 thoughts on “Right Angle

  1. Nice color scheme. Wall color will certainly take him into manhood, lest you decide to show him the door when he turns 18! 😉 Are those little clouds on the window sheers? And did you make the valances…you’re such the homemaker! 2 out of 3 of my kids have the beds with drawers as Arman has and when I run a vacuum down the length of the bed, I always, always forget the knobs are there and bump into them (bedspread hangs just low enough to cover them). It’s a wonder they’ve survived my vacuuming ineptitude! Great looking room!

    • Thanks so much! We’re actually just renting the house while the hubby finishes up his fellowship, so he’ll only get to enjoy this room for about another 1 1/2 years. I did make the valances. It’s actually just foam core board I cut to size, taped, and then covered in the same fabric I used for the Euro pillow and then trimmed with grosgrain ribbon. They’re not as sturdy and polished as I would like, but they’ll do for the time we’re here. The shades are just basic Ikea roller blinds that I painted clouds on. Since the room is kind of a “grown-up” color, I tried to have a little fun with the windows.
      PS: I’ll definitely be showing him the door by his 18th birthday!

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