Make Your Cake and Eat it Too

Today during Zeemu’s morning nap, Manu and I spent our one-on-one time baking a cake.   It’s actually a recipe for apple sauce muffins, but I figured if I called it “cake” and baked it in a 8″ square pan, he’d be really excited about it.  I was right.  He’s always asking to help out in the kitchen, so I let him go to town.  It’s always a HUGE mess, but I figure it’s a relatively small sacrifice if it instills in him the love for cooking.  I also hope it’ll make him more marketable with the ladies some day in the far, far future.  God knows I could use a  man in my life who loves to cook.  Anyway…

We had a great time.  Just Manu and me.

It was ready to eat when the little guy woke up.

Delicious!  Made with love… and quite possibly a hint of eggshell.


5 thoughts on “Make Your Cake and Eat it Too

  1. It’s a huge win. My husband’s a fireman. The only drawback to having a fireman cook for you is their idea of portion size is completely distorted:)

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