Andie’s Bounce Barn

Took a little trip down the road to Seymour, CT over the long-weekend to pay a visit to Andie’s Bounce Barn.   The place came recommended by our hair-stylist (Yep, we all share one and she’s amazing.  Hey, Joy!) and so in an effort to burn off some the kiddos’ endless amounts of energy, we decided to give it a whirl.

Manu was extremely timid at first.  It took some coaxing to try out even the least intimidating of inflatable structures.  After a few times through with Mom and Dad, he started to relax and eventually (when it was time to leave, of course) caught the bouncing bug.

Zeemu on the other hand knows no fear.  That one would bounce to the moon if we’d let him.


2 thoughts on “Andie’s Bounce Barn

  1. I think there’s one too up near Rocky Hill. My oldest is 11. I’d be a bit scared bringing him as he’s getting physically bigger than his brain realizes. I could see small little fellas being bounced out of the enclosure:) My 6 year old is also fearless. It’s nerve wracking when they’re smaller but as they get bigger they are the ones who are the most independent. They deal with everything themselves.
    PS Your two little guys are so adorable. I love their style:)
    I am feeling the pent up energy in our house. The pool bubble collapsed with the snow and my son’s swim team is hampered, seeking lanes everywhere. The oldest guy needs the pool to leave his energy in. No doubt.Especially given this weather.

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