Back to Basics

I feel like we’re under house-arrest.  With all the snow-days, ice-days and too-cold days we’ve had, I think the CT kids are going to be in school through August.  I’m running out of ideas to keep the little guys entertained and we’re all driving each other batty.  I’m not a big fan of sitting Manu down in front of the computer all day (we tossed the TV) but it sure is more than a little tempting lately.  Actually, what I really need is someone to watch my kids while I go on vacation by myself.  All alone.  All alone….

Here, back in reality, we got back to basics: flour, water, rolling pin.

Instant fun. Lasted about 20 minutes.



2 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Dear Universe,
    Thank you for Lego and the boxes that I set aside at Christmas for “rainy days”.
    Thank you for balloon volleyball that entails only a strip of masking tape on the ground and a balloon
    Thank you for the “key to” series of workbooks and any workbooks we’ve lying around. Some brain cells live.
    Thank you for the instant appeal of books about the American Revolution complete with all the muskets and guns and American victories that emerging testosterone loves.
    Thank you for two boys who will shovel.
    Thank you for me being able to work from home and not be fired.
    But most of all, thank you for wine. Seriously, thanks an awful lot for wine.

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