Simple Love

We’re back from a extended trip to visit the grandparents in Horseheads, NY.  Trips with kids are exhausting.  It’s good to be home.

Arman sprung out of bed on Monday morning with: “Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  Where’s my Valentine’s Day card?”

Card?!  What the—-?  Where does he learn this stuff?  I assumed I had at least another year before he’d begin to  expect gifts on holidays.  Good thing he was only asking for a card.

Me: ” Happy Valentine’s Day, Manu!  Uhhh….the card comes after nap-time!”

(Mental note to make a card during nap-time)

After music class I put the kiddos down for their nap, pulled out Manu’s water colors, and set out to fancy-up a plain white paper bag.   I tossed in a caramel lollipop, a gummy worm, and a hand-made card.  It was definitely a very modest gift, but he seemed thrilled.

Simple and sweet, just as it should be.


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