And We’re Back

Waaaaaaaaaaah!  I’m not happy about it, but we’re back.  I needed at least 3 more days.  5 more would’ve been ideal.  I think you need time to ease into a vacation; time to let it soak in that you’ve left all the nonsense that is the daily grind behind you for awhile.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  We brought our nonsense with us.

This was the kids’ first time on a plane and I was nervous about this.  Not so nervous about the actual flying per se, but I desperately did not want to be the family with “those kids”.  Ultimately it was out of my control, but that didn’t keep me from loading up the carry-on with candy and dvds.  I didn’t need to worry though, they were great.

My parents booked an amazing place in Key West overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.  3 bedrooms, 3 baths, kitchen, living room, and my favorite, a washer and dryer 🙂  The room Riz, I and the kids stayed in was bigger than our house.  Well, close anyway.  The 4 TVs in place could’ve been a vacation for the kids by themselves.

Of course the real fun was soaking up the perfect weather.

Early mornings were spent looking over the Gulf and eating breakfast on the balcony .  Thanks to our little early risers, the entire Ejaz family had the opportunity to see the sunrise every day.  You are welcome.

Zeemu couldn’t get enough of the sand.  He’d grab little handfuls, raise his arms into the air and exclaim “THIS!” as he released his tiny fists.  I pretty sure what he meant was “Now, THIS.  THIS is what I’m talking about.”

And then there was our little water baby.

Manu’s current obsession is The Four Seasons.  Not so much Frankie Valli, but the drummer.  I don’t know his name and I’m not sure Manu knows it either but he’s smitten.    In the pool, Manu would demand that Riz drag him around the pool while he’d sing ” Oh what a night!  Make December back in ’63” for all of the island to enjoy.  It doesn’t matter how many times we correct him.  It’s always “Make December.”  This kid kills me.

For a little change of scenery we frequented the cute downtown area of Key West.  It’s a tiny little island( a two by four as one of our tour guide’s called it;  two miles wide by four miles long) so getting around was quick and easy.

There was gelato and Cuban food.  Live bands and dancing.

gelato break

Zeemu eating Cuban steak at El Mason de Pepe

after dinner dancing in Mallory Square

Of course we were sure to document the trip with tons of family pics.  With crazy job and school schedules, it’s a small miracle that all 10 of us we able to make the trip.  Can’t say when it’ll happen again, so I’m pretty snazzed ( yeah, I said it) that we were able to swing this one.

Love these guys!


5 thoughts on “And We’re Back

  1. Beautiful family. I agree with you about easing in to vacation. My husband and I have two little boys too and just took our first week away from them to vacation in Colorado. I was so tired from just life in general that the first night of our vacation I fell asleep at 7:30. Romantic huh?

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