Halloween, I Heart New Haven, etc.

Back in August ( I think) I asked Manu what he wanted to be for Halloween.  I thought I’d do the nice thing and ask first.  Then once he’d forgotten what he told me he wanted, I’d  just ahead and make him whatever I wanted.  I’m a good parent like that. “Monkey!”, he said.  And he didn’t forget it. By mid September I realized I was going to have to come up with a monkey costume.  For some reason I’m opposed to buying pre-made costumes.  I don’t have a good reason.  I just don’t like it.  But an entire monkey costume was going to be a lot of sewing .  Of course I would need two of these ( I like them to coordinate too)  unless I was willing to torture Zeems by making him into a banana and I wasn’t.  So two monkeys.  Then my sister suggested to save time I make Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.  Make the headpieces, the tails, put them in pajamas and call it a day. Brilliant.  Done. The monkey hats took a little time.  The actual hat was easy but I’m crazy and decided I needed to hand-embroider the face. I hammered those out in two days.  The tails were another day.  Not too bad.  Much better than a full body costume.

A pre-Halloween fitting.  Zeems celebrating his half-nakedness.  Baby bump in full effect. Monkey in a box. The weekend before Halloween our little borough had a costume and puppet parade for the kiddos.  It was adorable.

Afterward we met all our neighborhood friends at the local coffee shop for treats.

It was then I decided I didn’t want to leave New Haven.  I love our school.  I love our new friends.  I love that I can walk into my favorite cafe and the owner will play with my children so I have two minutes of peace to drink my coffee.  Riz said I could forget it.  He reminded me of the public school situation and made it clear that private school was not an option.  Later I got online to check out tuition prices to build my case for staying.  Blah.   $20,000/ year times 3 kids (at the same time) times 13 years (K-12).  Hmmmm.  The math is easy, even for a public school grad like me, but don’t do it.  It’ll make you sick.    And that’s before college.  Whatevs.  Back to Halloween. Monkeys jumping on the bed!

The monkeys made out very well trick-or-treating.  It was a bit chilly so Azeem and I hit up our street and then headed back home to hand out candy.  Arman was determined to fill his bucket and he did.  For the safety of my youngest, I took it upon myself to consume any and all candy containing peanuts  (I told you I was a good mom) which is pretty much all the good stuff.  Everyone wins here.

Now that that’s all said and done, we are eagerly anticipating the holiday season.  Turkeys, trees and oodles of treats.  So much more fun ahead!


12 thoughts on “Halloween, I Heart New Haven, etc.

    • Thanks! Pajamas are from the Gap and they are very cuddly. They have them in a bunch of cute colors but I settled on red figuring they’d look festive on Christmas morning as well.
      Baby bump! The novelty of being pregnant for the third time is lost on me…except for those little flutters. That never gets old. Names. Let’s discuss. Did you see on FB my dad wants “Rihanna”? Ha! Yeah, not a contender. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them…unless of course you’re saving them 🙂 The top name currently is “Nora” which we both really like, but I feel it’s still too early to commit. So many pretty girl names!

  1. They look adorable. I too was a good mother and consumed all the peanut-containing or chokable candies. I was not a great mom though and did buy a costume. BTW I love the name Nora 🙂

    • T, No no no! Great moms DO buy costumes! Crazy moms spend hours time making them and then realize there’s no dinner on the table 🙂 We love the name too. It’s actually the first time we’ve agreed on a name before the baby was born.

  2. lol on the costumes. I tend to agree with you that the handmade.. or semi-handmade ones are cuter. Less plastic-y if you know what I mean. But, that being said, I’ve definitely bought my share of them over the years.

    Oh Papa Ejaz…. really? Laughing at the visual of him suggesting it. Bet he was dead on, straight faced the whole time.

    Nora – I’m playing with the name in my head as we speak. There’s something very quaint about it. Old-fashioned, in the way “Olivia” used to be (before it got so popular). It’s got a groovy 70’s retro feel to it. Nice that you both agreed.

    What about the middle name? You’re right – girl names are WAY better to pick from.

    Sadaf, (aka, YAY!! I’m going to have a niece to shop for!!!!!!)

  3. Homeschool. There’s got to be enough brillant people in New Haven to put together a fabulous homeschool program. I know denim dresses and the Duggars aside redefine !!!
    And don’t write off the private schools. So very few pay the full wallop of tuition.

    Or come up to us in Cheshire, We have seven tons of fun up here:) It’s a quick hop to New Haven.
    Watch out, next thing I’ll have your boys on swim team.

    • Oh my. I’m not nearly brave or patient enough to home-school. I would definitely consider sending them to your house if you’re doing it though:) I’ve been talking to some other New Haven parents who have gone the private school route and you’re right, it seems like no one is paying the full price of tuition. So, it seems like private school is back on the table. With 3 kiddos so close together though, it’s not exactly cheap either. Might be worth it. The resources some of these private schools have are downright amazing. Not quite sure what we’re going to do yet. There’s so much to consider and it seems like people have very strong opinions one way or the other . I’ll leave a new conversation with a fellow parent and feel like I have the answer and then I talk to someone else and I’m back at square one. Maybe I’m stressing too much? Maybe not enough?

      • I’d like to know how to avoid paying the full tuition for private school ??! Please share! Your kids are adorable! Love the shaggy hair dos!! So cute!

      • Please do share how to avoid paying full tuition at private schools! Your kids are soo adorable! Love their shaggy hair dos! My kids were all completely bald until they were 2, so I love to see kids with hair!!

  4. I’m not brave enough either . Mine are in public schools here. The schools in this town are good thank goodness. It took us a while to find the right combo too. We were in another town, I sent them out of town to a magnet. Then we moved here. All for schools. I don’t regret it for a second though. We love our new block and town.
    I’m smiling at the “more confused than ever” takeaway from parent converations. I feel like that all the time. I didn’t grow up here to some of the lingo and expectations can stump me. I am dreading the college process and my oldest is only 11 🙂

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