Sunny California

There’s nothing more I love than a vacation. I will forgo coffee, chocolate, and sparklies—uh, within reason of course, for sand and sun. Riz knows this which is why he scored major points when he surprised me with a trip to Southern California. More on that later.

I grew up in a house where vacations were tres important. I’m not sure it was ever a vacation for my parents with their 5 kids in tow, but they made it a point to take us somewhere every summer.

Some years we went all out, flying to Cancun, Puerto Rico, and the like. Some years we all piled in the mini-van and headed to Virginia or Myrtle Beach. It seems like we’d plan and prep all spring for these vacations. I vividly recall the week before the vacation being almost as wonderful as actually being there. This was the week when we went shopping with mom for all the essentials. We’d get new beach towels, flip-flops, and sunglasses. The planning got my mom in a great mood and she’d even spring for snacks like Pringles and General Mills variety pack cereal boxes. (If you know anything about my mom, you know how huge a deal this was for us kids.)

Everything was so exciting; the careful packing of the new bathing suit in my own pink and purple suitcase, my dad letting me be in charge of the family’s airline tickets, day-dreaming of becoming a flight attendant and thinking it the most glamorous job a girl could have….

When we got married, Riz joined in. After accepting most of our Brady Bunch eccentricities, this tradition I feel was pretty palatable. Our first vacation after our honeymoon was to a trip Acapulco. The following year we went to Barbados. The third year Riz informed me that his final med-school year wouldn’t allow for any vacation time………..

This was not ok. Med school, schmed school. I began to (not so subtly) hint at a vacation at least once a week. “Wow…it sure is cold…you know what would be great?”

Then one Sunday in January, Riz surprised me with a vacation to San Diego. My head starting spinning with millions of thoughts all of which he had already taken care of. Work had known for weeks. We’d flying back to Buffalo (we were in NYC), pack, and then fly out to San Diego. There was a list of beaches to see, places to eat, and where to find the best coffee. Impressive.

We had a terrific time.

Turned out I didn’t have to forgo coffee or chocolate.
San Diego’s Gas Lamp District we visited the
Ghirardelli Sundae Shop.

Between the two of us we couldn’t finish this.

I also had my fill of sparklies

A morning walk on Mission Beach

Hotel Coronado where Some Like it Hot was filmed (ah…the AP English “summer films” list)

Here’s a house on Laguna Beach Riz and I were considering purchasing. Then we decided to pass. It was really a little small and the front yard was just full of sand.

Enjoying the view in Laguna

We took a day trip to L.A.

Riz had to drive three times around this busy Beverly Hills block for me to get this shot. It was totally worth the effort to present Sameena with a pic of her Blow Out idol’s salon.

Sunset in La Jolla.

Like all good things, our time in the city where it seems it never rains was too short. Cheers to you, Pika, for pulling it off. This vacation is already one of my favorite memories and ranks right up there with Sour Cream Pringles.