The Big Boy Room

Remember about 12 years ago when I said I was going to start work on Manu’s Big Boy Room???  Well guess what?!  I’m still not done.  The child-rearing gig apparently takes a lot of time.  The good news is I’m about 75% done.  There’s a bare wall I still need to tackle, a mirror to paint, and a closet door I want to do something with once the inspiration hits.  At this rate, I should have the entire house (which is quite teeny tiny) entirely decorated 2 years after we move out.  I’m slow.

The room is a collection of major department store finds, Etsy, and lots of DIY sewing and craft projects.  It’s been fun , but I think it’s time I wrapped this one up….probably sometime in 2011 after the holidays and the little guy’s 1st birthday party.  Of course I’ll post additional pics when the room is complete.

Did I show you the “before”?  I don’t believe I did.




Big Boy Room Update

This is going to be a quick post.  I just spent the last 1 1/2 hours planning this week’s menu and making the grocery list.  Why does it always take me so long?Anyway, I emailed myself the list and I’m going solo (yippee!) first thing tomorrow morning.  I mean, first thing AFTER coffee tomorrow morning.

In my spare time (HA!) I’ve started work on Manu’s Big Boy Room.  Like all decorating projects I take on, my goal is to spend wisely and make it look like a million bucks.  I love a good challenge.

Riz’s request was that it NOT look like a catalog room which was/is a difficult request for 2 reasons:

1.  I want to live in a catalog

2.  The inspiration bedroom a posted earlier is from the Serena and Lily catalog.

Difficult but not impossible.  I totally get what he’s saying.  He wants it to look to look like our 2 year old plays and dreams in that room.  Homey, comfortable, friendly and fun.  A kid’s room decked out in PBkids from floor to ceiling will surely look cute, but it’s kinda a no-brainer and lacking some serious personality.  This room needs to be special.

So catalog room out the window and back to to the drawing board.  Here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve got so far:

This print from Sarah Jane Studio was the starting point.

Cloud Rug from Restoration Hardware Baby

Sheets from PB Teen

Quilt from Tar-jay

This “Pumpkin Pinstripe” fabric from Serena and Lily that I’m not exactly sure what do with, but I love.  I’m thinking a Euro pillow perhaps.  With some cute piping in a contrasting color?

Like I said, we’re moving at a snail’s pace here but I’ll keep you posted!  Hopefully have it done before he’s a teenager.  Yikes.  That’s a scary thought…

A Work of Art

When I’m on the hunt for original and affordable works of art, I turn to Etsy.  So many  of the handmade goods on there are nothing short of amazing.  Since I’ve started working on Manu’s big-boy room, I’ve come across some really fantastic art for  kids. I’ve narrowed my list down a bit but  I’m still having a hard time deciding!

All images from Etsy