Little Sprouts


While out running errands on Sunday we picked up some packets of flower seeds. The boys couldn’t wait to get home and plant them. Fast forward a few days and they’ve already sprouted! Love the little signs of Spring!!!


Perfect Sunday

On Sunday I knocked on the bathroom door while Riz was showering and announced  I was submitting a motion to declare a”No Naps Day”.

“Motion denied”.

Man, he didn’t miss a beat.  Fair enough.  The kids all still very much need to nap.  On days that Arman misses his he’s barely human come 5 o’clock.  But the blue skies and sand were calling, and so, because I’m the boss, we were off to the beach.

The little guy prefers the sand

This one couldn’t get enough of the ocean  even swallowing a decent bit of salt-water.

The youngest ones didn’t quite make it through the outing which was kinda wonderful because I never get to cuddle this little guy anymore.

A perfect little Sunday.  It’s good to be boss 🙂

2 Months

Nora-Bora is 2 months old.  I’m amazed.  I’m amazed that it’s only been two months because it really feels like she’s been a part of this family for much longer.  Oh, sweetness.  I find myself saying that a lot these days. “Oh, sweetness.”  It’s really the best way to describe her.

2 months old and she’s already stolen everyone’s heart.  Maybe not Zeems so much, but he’ll get there.  He’s mommy’s boy so it’s been the roughest on him.  And really at 2 years old he’s still a baby too.

2 months also marks 2 months of being served breakfast in bed.  It’s kinda awesome.  Riz reminds me each day not to get used to it.  I’m so used to it.  The only thing better than coffee in the morning is someone bringing you coffee in the morning.  I’ll never go back.

Uncle Fuma was here last weekend which was such a treat for everyone.  We don’t see him nearly enough and the kiddos just adore him.

Can’t get enough of that grin.   Oh, sweetness.


Where do the days go?  Last post we were busy preparing for Baby Girl’s arrival.  The rest is a blur.  She’s here and she’s sweeter than sweet.  I’ve been sneaking in as many cuddles as possible and thankfully she’s  agreeable to that.  I know how fast this part goes so I’m trying my best to savor it.  Time.  Anyone know where I can get some more of that?

Baby Nora 2 Weeks

More pics to come… but first there are two little boys that are begging me to play “Ninjas” with them.  I’m off!

Turning Two

Azeem turned two on Tuesday.  I say the same thing for both boys on every birthday:  How did that happen?!  It’s just one of those odd truths.  Days as a stay-at-home  parent can seem impossibly long.  I’m checking my watch more often that I’d like to admit.  Is it nap-time yet?  Time to start the bedtime routine?  How much longer till your father gets home?  The days are very long but the years just fly by.

2 years old.  Craziness.

Unlike the hoopla surrounding the celebration of  our first birthday parties (here and here),   year two was a very low-key, home affair with just the 4.75 of us.  (32 weeks!  Woot!)

Coincidentally, Zeems was sporting the same pajamas Arman was wearing the morning of his second birthday. Awww!

Arman in his firetruck pajamas..and a very new Azeem in the background.

Azeem in the same pajamas

There were presents.

Arman pointing out the birthday gifts

And there was cake.  Let’s talk about the cake.  We have a baker in our family;  a very, very good baker.  The kind of baker who can make a wedding cake that is beautiful and tasty and huge for like hundreds of people…  it’s not me.  She (Hi Aziza!)  lives 5 hours away so I took it upon myself to make the birthday cake.  A cake for 4.75 people (baby girl really enjoys her cake too). Surely, I can manage that.  I’m a pretty ok cook.  Cake mix, tub of frosting, decorations, done.  Ha!  That darn cake took me half a day to make.    The problem was, I decided 3 hours into this, is that someone who has perfectionist tendencies should not attempt to make a cake that resembles a construction site.  It’s just torture.  I was trying way too hard.  My lines were too straight, the frosting too smooth,  the oreo “dirt piles” too precise.  And let’s not even get into the part where I was suppose to cut into and remove a chunk of the pristine cake to make it look like an excavator had been digging there.   Sigh.   Are there therapists for these kind of things?  Remind me to call the bakery next time…or my sister.

I’m pretty sure this little man liked it.  Although, I’ve never seen him refuse chocolate in any form.

What a big boy.  I’m so excited to see what this year brings for him and two really is a fantastic age.

Happy Birthday, sweetest boy.  You’re growing up faster than I’m ready for.  I know you think you’re ready to take on the world and you should.  Just know that in some ways I’ll always think of you like this…

… and I can.  Cause I’m your Mom and I say so.

Snack-Time Smoothies

Smoothies are a snack-time staple at our house.  They’re a breeze to make,  easy to clean up ( I pour them put them in cups with lids and straws), and you can pack them with all sorts of wholesome goodness.  I’m always changing it up depending what I hand, but I usually toss in yogurt, bananas, and some kinds of fresh or frozen fruit.  Sometimes I like to throw in a handful of baby spinach when I think they boys (or I) could use more greens.  They haven’t called me out on it yet and truly, even I can barely distinguish the difference in taste.  It works especially well if you’re adding berries to the mix.  The bright berry colors take over during the blending process and completely disguise any trace of green.  I totally get a kick out of being sneaky like that.  I’ve also tossed in some almond butter for a little protein boost.  Delish!


It’s almost August!!!  July was filled with an outrageous and necessary amount antibiotics for little Zeemu who contracted Lyme disease in June.  Thanks to Dr. Daddy who spotted it in the early stages, the meds did their thing and he’s back to his healthy, cute-pie self.  I have to say there’s nothing  in this world like having an amazing pediatrician for your children.  A doctor who invites you into their home in the middle of Sunday dinner to see your baby something I am so very grateful for.

Anyway, these two may be about sixty years apart, but I see twins!